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Multicultural items for our Early Learning Center
10- Boxes Crayola Crayons Multicultural Skin Tone Crayons $1.49 per box ($14.90)
1- Set Nat Bamboo-Filled Hand Made Rag Doll ($19.95)
1- Set Washable Baby Dolls Multicultural ($74.99)
1- Set Multicultural Board Book Collection ($59.50)
4-Ella Jenkins Multi-Cultural Children Songs ($67.96)
4-Multicultural Play Food Assortment ($199.96)
1-Set Kids Around the World Block Play People ($34.99)
1-Set Block Play People Hispanic Family ($19.99)
1-Set Block Play People with Differing Abilities ($19.99)
1-Set Community Block Play People ($29.99)
1-Set Multicultural Clothing Set ($179)
1-I Never Forget A Face Matching Game ($9.95)

Educational Materials:
1-Set Giant Soft Building Blocks ($149)
1-Set Feelings and Emotions Washable Dolls ($95)
1 Set Giant Sight and Sound Tubes ($69.99)
1-Set Big Knob First Puzzle Set ($49.99)
1-Set Size and Color Teddy Bear Counters ($24.99)
1-Set Magnet Kit ($49.99)
1-Magnetic Color Maze ($39.99)
1-Career Costume Set ($349)
1-Soft and Safe Community Helpers ($34.99)

Room Materials:
2-N0 Climb Bookstand ($278)
2-Anything Low Classroom Shelves ($498)
2-Child’s View Changeable Display Center ($199)
1-Puppet Theater ($69.99)
3-Learning Center Poster Pack ($59.97)
4-Safety Gates ($200-$250/Depends on area)

Self-Help Skills:
1-Set Help-Yourself Pitchers for Pouring Milk ($19.99)