Early Learning Center

The Northeast Family – Early Learning Center provides care for children ages six-weeks through 12 years. Our amazing staff relies on the research-based curriculum in a nurturing, friendly environment. Located in the former Havelock School building, our services utilize the large classrooms to accommodate a wide variety of learning activities. The Northeast Family Center provides before and after school programming, as well as transportation to Pershing Elementary School.

What We Teach

The Creative Curriculum, utilized in the NFC Early Learning Center, is a comprehensive, research-based early childhood curriculum that has been shown to improve cognitive and social/emotional outcomes in young children. The Creative Curriculum provides teachers guidance in the following areas: how children develop and learn, the learning environment, what children learn, the teacher’s role and the family’s role. The goals set forth in the curriculum, which is specifically designed for each age level from infancy-preschooler, address all aspects of development.

Development Phases

Social/Emotional Development: children’s feelings about themselves, the development of responsibility, and their ability to relate positively to others.


Physical Development: children’s gross and fine motor development.


Cognitive Development: children’s thinking skills-the development of logical and symbolic thinking, problem-solving skills and approaches to learning.


Language Development: children’s ability to communicate through words, both spoken and written.

Contact Tori Madewell of the ELC at (402) 471-3700