Community Learning Center

The Northeast Family Center is the host agency for the Community Learning Centers at Brownell Elementary School and Norwood Park Elementary School in northeast Lincoln. CLC programs provide students who may benefit from additional educational support time to learn outside the regular school day through engagement in student-centered opportunities aligned to school day learning objectives. Through partnerships with formal educators, families, and community organizations, students are allowed unique opportunities for natural growth and academic support. These opportunities may include community engagement, college and career exploration, homework support, and activities that promote physical well-being and social-emotional development.

What We Teach

CLC clubs provide high-quality academic and enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children. These clubs offer a variety of activities that complement and amplify what they’re learning in school. CLC clubs help develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills as well as encourages community and parent engagement for the success of the children.

To learn more about our before and after school programs, summer camps, clubs and family programming, please visit the CLC website.